Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finished and installed!

This is a bit late in the game, but I did finish and install the BBQ Island. My customers were pretty happy with the result, so that makes me happy too! Check it out!

It matched the patio cover very well (another project by me). I figured I would post a pic of that as well for full perspective :)

Well, now I am on to the next job, a small remodel in the city. A little framing, and little sheetrock, some plumbing. I have a small woodworking job to do as well, a collection box for the church. I also have been doing some more work in the shop. Got a remote switch ran for the Dust Collector, now I just have to finish piping for multiple locations. Spent some time today fine tuning some hand planes, but didn't get completely finished on those. Always something to do, but not enough time/energy/money to do it! Oh well. :)

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